Jack of all trades, master of none-
but better than a master of one

Heya, I'm G'wyn! I enjoy working at venues, whether as a greeter, front desk, bouncer, dancer, bartender, shout coordinator, giveaway coordinator, or even promoter! I'm a jack of all trades!I also love to run duties, and main healer/tank ♥I don't do ERP, but I'm always down to clown when it comes to regular RP! I live for the silliness UwU


My main alt- Car is a bun, and uses they/them pronouns! They like purple, and cute clothes!They main healer, and love doing SFW RP.

Leoric is my work alt! I use him for work at Roxbury! He's a super pretty lizard boy and I love him. look at his pretty face.He mains Dark Knight and again, only does SFW rp.

Ruki is my other bunboi alt, and he uses he/him pronouns! He likes pink and joking around. He's dumber than a box of rocks.Ruki mains Dancer/Dragoon and dabbles in NSFW rp